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A fully owned subsidiary of Conax AS, DVnor is a Norwegian company that develops and delivers Media Asset Management (MAM) Services. Established in 2005, DVNor provides transcoding, storage, distribution and post-production services to more than 650 customers. Organizer, DVnor's flagship solution, is a highly automated all-in-one self service platform for handling metadata and video content file management, transcoding, and integrating both B2B Screening room and D2C (direct to consumer) OTT services. The technology provider's core customer portfolio consists of TV and movie distributors, broadcasters and customers providing D2C services. DVNor delivers content direct to all major Service Delivery Platforms, including Netflix, Amazon and iTunes. DVnor has been recognized as a Gazelle company for four consecutive years by Norways largest financial newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv, where it is recognised for its rapid pace of growth and exceptional development.

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To help the film industry truly embrace a shift
towards early digital release, innovation in the highest level security is a prerequisite.

Elisabeth O. Sjaastad Founding Partner nettkino Former CEO Federation of European directors

Complete control of your assets

What we can offer you is a "One Stop Solution"

DVnor's knowledge of the Media Asset Management industry, coupled with Conax's security know-how, creates a powerful combination for serving our customer's end to end solution requirements. Secure end to end solutions of asset handling, processing, transcoding, metadata and OTT enables our customers to take full control of their asset storage, production and distribution needs.

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General Services
  • DVnor as your post house facility

    Ingest, Quality check (iTunes & Netflix approved), Editing, Mastering, Subtitling, Audio mastering.

  • Storage

    DVnor professionally store and secure your assets

  • Watermarking

    Incorporated NexGuard Technology

  • We distribute your assets Worldwide

    Distribution of packages according to platform specifications

  • Asset sharing

    Smart asset sharing between all our clients, on demand.

Post production at its peak

Some of our Asset services

DVnor is an expert in post and transcoding services, with a huge capacity to handle high volume of ingest and transcoding. DVnor's focus is always the very highest quality, this applies to both incoming material and how we transcode your assets. We have over 20 years experience working with video, audio, subtitles, artwork, metadata and rights management - this enables us to manage our customer's assets with the respect and care that they deserve.

Additionally, we provide a wide range of tools serving you with the insight and control that you need in order to efficiently and safely distribute your assets worldwide.

Take complete control today 

Some of our post house services
  • Mastering

    Receiving assets and creating title Masters

  • Ingestion of assets

    Assets come in various formats and require some love and attention before they can be used or distributed. We edit, quality check and create the perfect Master.

  • Subtitles

    We sync and quality check all delivered subtitles, making sure it is a perfect fit for the master

  • Audio QA

    We sync and quality check all delivered audio tracks (languages or dubbings) ensuring a perfect fit to the master

  • Transcoding

    We transcode and assure the output is of the best quality available when distributing to Cinemas, TV, VOD etc..

Store in the palm of your hand

deliver directly to clients. instantly.

Conax had one vision when they acquired NexGuard and DVnor. MEDIA ASSET SECURITY!

The individual componants offered by DVnor, Conax and NexGuard jointly provide the most enticing combination for securing your valuable assets.

Entrust us to store and secure your film and TV assets for Worldwide distribution.

Take complete control today

our Storage
  • Secure Storage

    We store and handle our customers assets in the most secure way

  • Operator specific Watermarking option

    We offer watermarking as a service. Watermark and track your masters

High value content requires premium security

Forensic Watermarking

Digital Cinema
Forensic watermarking is part of the Digital Cinema Initiative specification. NexGuard’s technology is built into more than 100,000 cinema screens around the globe.

NexGuard solutions are used by all of the major film and television studios to add full traceability to dailies, eScreeners, screener DVDs and mezzanine files.

PayTV operators implement forensic watermarking in their set-top boxes to allow illicit redistribution of content to be traced directly back to the perpetrator.

OTT Streaming
OTT VOD and TV Everywhere services use NexGuard Streaming to add a session-based watermark to content delivered to SmartTVs, tablets, PCs and mobile devices.

More Nexguard products  

track leaked content
  • NexGuard Watermarking

    Nexguard is integrated in our distribution platform and our applications

  • Conax Multi DRM

    Our OTT solution offers Conax Multi DRM technology

Efficient distribution


Organizer is a highly sophisticated software, developed by DVnor and our customers.
When we developed Organizer, our intention was to give you complete control of your own assets. We wanted to make it possible for our customers to safely deliver assets directly to all their clients in an instant.

Organizer is a complete MAM solution that enables you to be in complete control of your content. It provides an easy-to-use platform with simple interfaces, to safely transport materials to clients in a vast array of formats with a few clicks. Organizer also gives a user the ability to track assets from the moment they are received, to the finalized product and destination.


Take complete control today


  • Suporting all formats

    In order to reach all platforms, your transcoding house needs to support all the required formats. Dvnor covers them all

  • Operator specific Watermarking option

    All distributed files support NexGuard watermarking

  • DRM

    We can encrypt your files before distribution to VOD service operators

  • Conax MultiDRM

    Our OTT platform is integrated to support Conax Multi DRM

Sharing and getting access to content the easy way

Imagine sharing content and cost with a click of a button

In an ideal world, you would be able to freely and securely share your assets with other production and distribution players worldwide. Additionally, you would like to get detailed reports and monitor the movement of your assets, and maybe even get paid doing it.

Imagine the possibilities of using just one quality approved and watermarked master.

Another scenario may be that you wish to get access to the content you have bought for your region. You want to get access to the very best master available.
In many cases, the master is already complete and found within Organizer, including all metadata, artwork, subs, dubs, etc. Saving you time and money!

DVnor is providing these solutions to its clients today!

Take complete control today 

Sharing assets
  • Secure Storage 

    One master for all purposes, which follow the strict DVnor specifications

  • One Quality Check

    No additional QA costs on distribution

  • Adhering to iTunes standards and other premium platforms

    Saving cost - no requirement for duplicates

  • Efficient Storage

    Reducing master artifacts. Directly publish to your own screening room

  • Distribute DDP and BDCMF to duplicators in Organizer
  • Directly publish to your own OTT Service
  • Same master for authoring

    Re-using the same master for Cinema DCP

  • You are in full control of your Storage and Distribution
  • Significant reduction in piracy

We are strong on our secutiry

security – The most commonly used word in the world of content handling

DVnor, Conax, NexGuard and Sweet Chili Entertainment are the dream team when it comes to handling your content in the most secure and efficient way.

Both Conax and NexGuard are the most trusted companies in the world delivering secure content protection solutions. Together with DVnor´s 20 years of experience handling high quality content for major studios, we can ensure you that quality and security is our utmost focus. All four companies are fully integrated and working on the same platform, providing customers with Forensic Watermarking, DRM and Secure Storage.

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track leaked content
  • Watermarked Master Storage
  • Operator specific Watermarking option
  • NexGuard Forensic
  • Conax MultiDRM
  • Secure OTT VOD with Forensic watermarking

A one-stop-shop for platforms worldwide



Sweet Chili Entertainment is the leading independent aggregator of digital film releases in the Nordics. As an aggregator Sweet Chili Entertainment is a preferred partner for all major international and local platforms. Handling all processes from material preparation to delivery, editorial, operational, and marketing efforts the company is a full service solution for digital rights optimization. Providing the most comprehensive and transparent sales data on the market Sweet Chili Entertainment offers rights owners the best possible tools for managing their operations.

The company is currently developing its worldwide operations and have handled a number of international multi platform releases. 

Further to the company's digital distribution activities Sweet Chili Entertainment acts as a financing partner on a number of current and upcoming films and drama series through pre-sales, distribution commitments, finance planning and legal support.

.Visit Sweet Chili Entertainment 

  • Aggregating

    Aggregating titles and series, creating revenues on platforms world wide

  • Financing
    Supporting producers and distributors in production
  • Content
    Supporting distributors and platforms with titles



the simplest way to deliver content to millions of users.


dSpree offers the possibility to create your own OTT site in just minutes.

As user of Organizer and dSpree you can easily create a complete OTT platform in minutes.
dSpree automatically imports metadata, artwork, subtitles and audio from Organizer.

Only thing you need to do is to be creative and decide the product price.

What do you get ?

  • Easy Creation of an OTT Service
  • The ability to combine digital and physical products
  • Pre-integrated Conax Multi DRM
  • Pre-integrated Nexguard Watermarking
  • Pre-integrated with Pay Pal, Credit Card (NETS), Mobile Pay and Vipps
  • Pre published Apps (iOS & Android)

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